All our teachers are highly educated and have years of experience in education. They plan and deliver fascinating and educational lessons, so your children develop the knowledge, skills and personal qualities they need for a successful future. Below is a selection of our teaching team and some biographical details about them.

Jeffrey Smith

Secondary Principal

Elena Maksymova

Elementary School Principal

Nina Babintseva

Early Years Coordinator

Mark Reddiar

Information Technology Specialist


DP Coordinator

Clare Gibbings

MYP Coordinator

Adrian Lim

CAS Coordinator

Alexander Hinckley


Natalia Aygistova

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Gulzat Bartlett

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Melvin Castillo Austria

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Danielle Reis

Edelweiss Teacher

Gayle Sinclair

Reception Teacher

Becky Wozny

Reception Teacher

Richard Phipps-Brown

PYP Teacher

Akerke Akylbek

Grade 1 A Teacher Assistant

Trish Marcus

Grade 1 Homeroom teacher

Gulnaz Uspanova

Grade 1 B Teacher Assistant

Bonnie Grizzle

Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

Eric Lalande

Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

Nancy Wilcox

Grade 3 Homeroom teacher

Aida Kondakova

Grade 3 Teaching Assistant

Kylie Horsfall

Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

Maarten Franken

Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

Samantha Reddiar

Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

Shivani McAinish

PYP Teacher

Katarina Rantova

Head Librarian

Galina Sokolova

PYP Russian Language Teacher

Alla Dembayuk

Russian Teacher

Aksana Sarsenova

MYP Russian A Teacher

Leigh Pritchard

Music Teacher

Theresia Listya

Music Teacher

Aigerim Yerkibayeva

Music Teacher

Anita Stansell

MYP Teacher

Kyle Cloete

Athletic Director

Chris Udy

Physical Education Teacher

Dana Bulakh

EAL Teacher

Megan Cloete

Grade EAL Teacher