Inspired by a teacher from her past, Trish always knew she would become a teacher. 

In her youth, she gravitated towards jobs that were about creating meaningful and joyful experiences for kids. Some of her happiest memories are of being a gymnastics coach and the Assistant Director for a summer camp: jobs that felt like too much fun to be considered work! 

After completing her Honours Bachelor of Social Work in Ontario (Canada), Trish left home to teach in South Korea.  Embracing work in the classroom, learning a new language, adapting to an unfamiliar and diverse culture, meeting and connecting with people from around the world, all sparked a new desire to continue her adventures abroad.  But first, together with her future husband, she returned to Canada, so they could each complete their Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto.

They began their marriage and teaching careers in Kuwait, where Trish was a full-time classroom teacher, as well as the Head of the Elementary English Department and the New Staff Coordinator.  After the birth of their son, they moved to Abu Dhabi (UAE) where Trish blossomed in her new role as Full-Time Mom.  With the addition of a daughter to their family and feeling ready for a change after six years of life in the desert, they found a new home, here in Almaty. 

This is Trish’s second year as a KIS Grade 1 teacher, and she is happy to be a part of such a dynamic and diverse learning community.