Dear KIS parents,
According to the announcement of the Government of Kazakhstan, school uniforms are not mandatory in the next academic year.
If you still wish to purchase a KIS uniform, please be aware that we have only a limited number of sizes available at the moment.

Order KIS branded school uniform

Long sleeve polo, short sleeve polo and hoodies
are specially designed for KIS in the manufacturing company Endeavour LLP, Almaty city

KIS branded school uniform


Polo T-Shirt

Size 30/122-40/152 - 3550 kzt
Size 42/158-50/182 - 3950 kzt
Pike Penye, 100% Cotton

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Long sleeve polo

Size 30/122-40/152 - 4050 kzt
Size 42/158-50/182 - 4550 kzt
Pike Penye, 100% cotton

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Size 28/116-40/152 - 9000 kzt
Size 42/158-50/182 - 11000 kzt
Cotton 85%, polyester 15%

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KIS Sports uniforms

Football uniform

Size 30/122-40/152 - 6650 kzt
Size 42/158-50/182 - 8150 kzt

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Athletic shorts

Size 30/122-40/152 - 3250 kzt
Size 42/158-50/182 - 3900 kzt

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Training trousers

Size 28/116-40/152-4250 kzt
Size 42/158-50/182-5100 kz

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Sport T-shirt


Size 28/116-40/152-3000 kzt
Size 42/158-50/182-4200 kzt

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Safe and useful clothes for children



To provide kids with a healthy childhood by suggesting an ecologically friendly product


Ecologically friendly, water-based colourants

Quality of materials

Clothes made from natural fabrics – 100% cotton

"True To Size"

Clothes fit correctly, kids feel comfortable to move around whilst wearing


High quality of stitches and lines – 300 launderings warranty


Clothes bring joy to kids and their parents


If you have any questions, please email us at procurement@kisnet.org  or contact us by phone +7 727 356 5000  (ex.206)