KIS Founder’s Scholarships for IB Diploma Students

Kazakhstan International School is proud to announce the inauguration of the KIS Founder’s Scholarship programme. These awards reflect our commitment to ensuring that students with outstanding potential are given the opportunity to succeed, irrespective of their financial background.

KIS Founder’s Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students each academic year, from the academic year 2020-21 onwards. The scholarships are available to current and prospective KIS students who wish to enroll in the KIS IB Diploma Programme, i.e. in Grade 11. There is no fixed number of scholarships. If there is no suitable candidate in a given year, no scholarship will be awarded.


The aim of the Founder’s Scholarship is to recognise and reward students who exemplify the KIS motto, More than Academics, by excelling in both academic achievement and contribution to school life beyond their formal academic studies.


Depending on merit, the scholarship award is either 50% or 100% of the tuition fees for the grade level that the student will be studying in, for Grades 11-12 (i.e. for the duration of the Diploma Programme).

Continuation of the Award into the second academic year is contingent on the student maintaining a high level of academic performance and co-curricular contribution. Should the student’s performance fall short, a meeting will be held with the student, his or her parents, and the relevant Senior Leadership Team members. An action plan will be implemented to support the student. If this is not successful within the agreed timeframe, the Award will be withdrawn immediately.


1. Age

The Founder’s Scholarship will be awarded to students who are about to enter the IBDP in Grade 11.

2. Academic Qualities

Applicants should provide evidence to demonstrate the student has outstanding academic potential. This may take the form of school reports, assessment grades (especially of public examinations), portfolios of work, letters of recommendation from teachers, and certificates/academic awards. KIS recognises that not all students’ potential is reflected in grades alone, and in such cases other evidence may also be submitted to support the application and outline any factors that may explain the apparent gap between potential and actual achievement.

All applicants will be required to complete a CAT4 test and the standard KIS English language assessments, in order to establish their innate intellectual capability, and their Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) level in English. Scholarship candidates are expected to obtain a B2 or better in all assessed categories. English-speaking skills and general suitability will be assessed through a formal interview with the applicant by the Head of School and the Diploma Coordinator.

3. Contribution to School Life

Applicants should provide documentary evidence to demonstrate that they have made an outstanding contribution to the life of the school and its wider community, e.g. in sport, music, drama, after-school activities, inter-school competitions, voluntary service and so on. The student’s attendance record should also be exemplary.

Scholars 2020

KIS has awarded scholarships to the following 6 talented students.


Alan Barmambekov

Leyla Niyetpayeva

Sarra Matskevich

Aruzhan Yelzhasova

Aray Baisenbayeva

Scholars 2021-2022