Born in Almaty, Aksana graduated from the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University as a specialist teacher of Russian language and literature.  She led a healthy and active lifestyle: hiking, dancing, and shaping. Her favorite hobbies are reading books; walking the dog; and cooking and baking.

Her choice of profession was influenced by the period when she worked as a volunteer in the non-governmental organization, “A Child ... A Smile”, the purpose of which was to help to those in need. Cooperating with the City Children's Fund, she conducted Russian and English classes for children from low-income families. She also organized performances with the team in orphanages, boarding schools, and homes for the disabled. A key project was to hold events for children with leukemia and to support parents in the Centre for Pediatrics.

When her own children were born, she began working in children's centers. She taught Russian for children of preschool age and in primary schools. Later, she delivered lessons to high school students. She had an especially positive experience working in the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology of Almaty: student successes in competitions and contests, advanced training courses (‘Effective Learning’), and participation in seminars and trainings.

This year, Aksana is looking forward to meeting new KIS students to achieving new goals.