Samantha Reddiar is a South African who has been teaching for 22 years in South Africa, the UAE and now in Kazakstan. She holds a Master’s Degree in Advanced Teaching and Learning, which is developed by IBO, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Management. She has taught Grades 1,2 and 3 and has held a Head of Department position at a school in South Africa.

She loves travelling and has visited seven countries with her husband Mark and her two children Ty and Azariah who are 13 and 10 years old respectively. Her passion for health, food, yoga, mindfulness and meditation have been positive influences in her life and the lives of her family members. She is a highly organised and efficient individual with a creative flair and a great sense of humour. 

The principles that she chooses to live by and raise her children with, resonate with the principles of IB, so she lives what she teaches. Living a life of international-mindedness, being open to learning and integrating into new cultures are all part of the experiences she treasures. Her desire is to make deep connections with the hearts and minds of her students and inspire them to go on a journey with her; becoming the best version of oneself!