Our KIS Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers, and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in schools. The goal of this parent-teacher group is to support KIS, encourage parent involvement, support our teachers, and organize family events for KIS.

Why be involved in PTA?

According to the Department of Education in Michigan, U.S.A., “the earlier in a child’s education process parent involvement begins, the more powerful the effects.” Decades of research has shown that when parents are involved, students have:

The more parents participate in their child’s education, in a sustainable way, at every level—in advocacy, decision-making and oversight roles, as fundraisers and boosters, as volunteers and paraprofessionals, and as home teachers—the better for student achievement, according to an article published by the Michigan Dept. of Education.


Who benefits from PTA?

The challenges of delivering quality education in international schools around the world are often daunting. The PTA can help.

Our KIS PTA addresses issues that are important at KIS parents and teachers and administrators.

The PTA supports KIS by assisting the school toward full funding, advocating quality teachers and programs, coordinating family events at school—anything PTA can do to help KIS thrive. PTA membership is open to everyone.

PTA benefits include:

  • Power of Volunteers: the PTA organizes hard-working, dedicated volunteers. Parents are ready to help implement school programs and plan family events.
  • Communication: the PTA works with KIS administrators to communicate regularly with parents regarding school issues and upcoming events. Regular monthly meetings allow our PTA to share information with parents.
  • Parents See Results: More than 85 research studies conducted over the past 30 years prove that kids do better when parents are involved.
  • Fundraising: PTA fundraisers support school programs, building improvements, and educational resources.
  • Empowered Parents: KIS parents are involved and understand the challenges KIS faces and therefore these parents want to be a part of the solution. KIS strives to build close relationships with parents through the PTA, resulting in high student achievement.

  • Chairperson: Maria Payne
  • Vice-Chairperson: Tatyana Dundukova
  • Secretary: Aigul Baissynova
  • Treasurer: Jisha Jose
  • Early Years Liaison: Tatyana Dundukova
  • Primary Years Liaison: Natalya Tanriverdi
  • Middle Years Liaison: Jisha Jose
  • Diploma Liaison: Melba Valery


Class Representatives:

Early Years Programme:

  • Pre-Kindergarten 1: Nominations needed
  • Pre- Kindergarten 2: Guldana Alash
  • Kindergarten A: Tatyana Dundukova
  • Kindergarten B: Nominations needed
  • Reception A:  Nominations needed
  • Reception B: Nominations needed

Primary Years Programme:

  • Grade 1A: Rana Abodeely
  • Grade 1B: Nominations needed
  • Grade 2A: Natalya Tanriverdi
  • Grade 2B: Darina Idrissova
  • Grade 3A: Nominations Needed
  • Grade 3B: Aizhan Akbulut
  • Grade 4A: Oksana Zaitseva
  • Grade 4B: Gerda Schotte
  • Grade 5: Benusha Saibu


Middle Years Programme:

  • Grade 6: Barbara Singer
  • Grade 7A: Jisha Jose
  • Grade 7B: Sarah Gunaseelan
  • Grade 8: Melba Valery
  • Grade 9: Yulia Lengardt
  • Grade 10: Benusha Saibu

Diploma Programme:

  • Grade 11: Altynay Chalkarova and Melba Valery