Nancy is originally from the beautiful island of Mauritius and has been educated and lived internationally all her life. She has enjoyed the multicultural settings, experiences and diverse cultures that she has encountered through living and working in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. She has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK and has been teaching in Primary Schools internationally within a variety of settings, management and teaching roles and curriculums for the past sixteen years. Nancy has particularly enjoyed her roles of Deputy Head, Leader of Learning for both Assessment for Learning and Pie Cobbett’s ‘Talk for Writing’ approach to Literacy, including Head of Modern Foreign Languages and the Virtual Learning Environment Platforms, as well as leading educational workshops for both her colleagues and parents and taking an active role in whole school initiatives when working with the wider community. She has sound experience of working with children with English as an additional language, gifted and talented children and the inclusion of children with Special Educational Needs within mainstream schools.


Nancy is passionate about all aspects of teaching and learning, ensuring that her classroom provides a safe, fun and engaging environment which supports all learning styles and abilities through a wide variety of engaging activities, where children develop a positive mindset and feel empowered and inspired to achieve their own individual personal excellence as a valuable member of the global community.


In her spare time, Nancy enjoys exploring both the city and the outdoors. As a member of her current school’s hiking club, she has enjoyed her time hiking easy to moderate trails in Kenya’s stunning Great Rift Valley and is looking forward to pursing her new fondness for hiking in Kazakhstan and hopefully tackling more challenging hikes. On a recent trip to Canada, Nancy spent many a day exploring the trails and lakes of Nova Scotia on foot and was introduced to canoeing, where she spent a weekend adventure travelling by canoe, camping and spending her first ever nights out in a true wilderness environment. Nancy is looking forward to the opportunity to try winter sports in Almaty, learning to ski and snowboard.


Nancy is looking forward to joining the KIS family and discovering the wide cultural diversity, history and arts culture that Kazakhstan and Almaty has to offer.