At KIS we nurture international mindedness within our multilingual school community by providing an inquiry based curriculum focused on the development of the whole child as a caring, open-minded, lifelong learner.


We are a diverse community which aspires to:

  • Learn enthusiastically.
  • Inquire creatively and critically.
  • Follow our passions.


We accomplish our Vision by:

  • Being an IB World School offering an international curriculum.
  • Welcoming and celebrating a multicultural community where each individual is valued and honoured. Using English as the principal language of instruction while other languages are taught and promoted.
  • Providing  individualized English support for students in order to participate fully in all aspects of school life.
  • Recruiting, training and retaining well-qualified faculty and staff who are dedicated, caring, and experienced professionals  challenging and  encouraging each student to achieve their potential.
  • Providing essential Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills suitable for the learning process at each grade level.
  • Being self-sustainable, transparent, responsible and accountable to each KIS stakeholder.
  • Modeling and providing academic and social learning experiences that encourage our students to exemplify the Learner Profile.