Michael Scott is a 39-year-old educator who has been teaching at KIS for the last three years. He grew up in a small town surrounded by farms in Wisconsin, USA. He has been an exchange student to Austria, an elected member of his town council, an award-winning videographer, an active musician, and volunteered throughout his community.

Michael taught in the public schools of South Korea for two years in a beautiful, little village called Hapcheon. For five years, Michael was a part of the education reform in the United Arab Emirates. Michael has also taught adults as a university tutor in the United States of America, and at a regional teacher-training program in South Korea. 

Michael enjoys podcasts, iPad automation, coffee, video games, reading, playing the violin, and spending time with his wife and two children. He also enjoys classical music and has performed with internationally known musicians Gary Karr, Sheri Lewis, and the Canadian Brass.