I am Melvin Castillo Austria, a licensed professional teacher from the pearl of the orient sea, the Philippines. I have been teaching for almost 12 years now. I first worked in a university as a language and literature lecturer. Soon after, I took part in honing a preschool's learning journey. Then, I have experienced teaching grade-schoolers both from the lower to the upper level. My teaching experience has even broadened as a preschool teacher in a government school for five years. To add to the list, I was a college instructor teaching Sociology, Literature, Humanities, History, Personality Development and some major subjects for education courses.
My baccalaureate degree course, Bachelor of Education major in Language and Literature, has prepared me well for my teaching career. The opportunity to have a vast understanding of other behaviour and personality differences has been beneficial for my teaching profession. I pursued and completed my post-baccalaureate degree, Master of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education. As a drama moderator, I have experienced putting together a class curriculum, including monologues, team acting projects and written assignments.
One great reason that keeps me motivated is the "passion" of teaching that I aim to continuously touch hearts of all ages and cultures by making a difference - a catalyst of positive change towards excellence.