Maarten started teaching over fourteen years ago. This choice was inspired by his drive to enable children to achieve their full potential, and the immense satisfaction it gives him to see children grow, academically as well as personally, and become more independent and responsible as they prepare for secondary school.

After completing his final teaching practice in England, Maarten started teaching at the International Primary School in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. There, he taught students from between grades 2 to 5, and became ICT co-ordinator in his fourth year. After ten years, he moved on to Jakarta, Indonesia, where he taught grade 4 and also enjoyed becoming involved with ICT.

Maarten loves listening to and making music. He plays the guitar and the piano, and enjoys singing and trying out new musical instruments. He’s also interested in anything to do with technology, is a keen gamer and enjoys tinkering with computers and other electronics.

After working in England, The Netherlands and Indonesia, Maarten can’t wait to start working at KIS. He is looking forward to exploring Kazakhstan with his wife and one-year-old son.