Kylie is 100% a global citizen. She has an Australian mother, a New Zealand father, an Irish husband, a daughter born in Germany and a son born in China.

Kylie is originally from New Zealand but grew up in Papua New Guinea as an International School student.  Spending her childhood in a developing country gave her a deep understanding of the power of education to change lives, and she decided at a young age that she wanted to be a teacher.

Kylie returned to New Zealand for secondary school and university, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Teaching from the University of Waikato. She then left New Zealand once again, this time to work as an International School teacher.  She began her teaching career in Cambodia in 1996, where she met her husband, John Power.  John and Kylie then moved to Germany, Eritrea, China, Singapore, and then Hong Kong.  Kylie is excited to be at KIS Almaty for her 25th year as a teacher (yes, she’s that old!).

Kylie has been a primary classroom teacher for all grades from Reception (Kindergarten) to Grade 4, as well as a Teacher Librarian, ESL Specialist, IT/Computer Teacher, Creative Writing Teacher, and PYP Co-ordinator. She believes that classrooms should be joyful places where children are inspired to be creative, to challenge themselves and to support others, and where all kinds of ‘smart’ are valued and celebrated.  Kylie loves telling stories and reading books to students, challenging them with open-ended mathematical investigations that have multiple solutions, reading and listening to students’ writing, and making her classroom a place of laughter, learning and fun.

In her spare time, Kylie has recently started learning Russian. She also enjoys the outdoors and is excited to be able to ski on the weekends in Kazakhstan, which is a little difficult to do in Hong Kong! She loves upcycling and is proud to be a part of the Maker movement.