Katarina comes from Prague, Czech Republic where she has been working as a librarian in three international schools for the past twenty years. She loves to discuss books and series with students and likes to find out everyone’s favourite author, series or genre of books so she can recommend the best reading from her library’s shelves (or beyond).

Katarina is also the one to ask about citing, referencing and research, which she studied at Masaryk University in Czech Republic where she earned her Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science. She honed her English-speaking skills in Bristol, UK where she worked at the University of West of England.

She loves to travel, and especially liked her trip on Trans-Siberian Railway all the way to Mongolia. She is excited to discover Kazakhstan and cannot wait to get on her first mountain hike there, her favourite pastime. As is skiing, skating, squash, badminton, running, volleyball, ping pong, archery and many others.

Katarina is very much looking forward to meet KIS students and staff and connect with them through the library and the love of reading.