Ivette is from Massachusetts in the USA, and first lived abroad after completing the third grade. Her parents took her and her two younger sisters to live in Honduras until it was time to begin high school. On returning to the States, her family settled in Florida. Ivette was thrilled to attend the University of Florida, where she completed a Bachelor's degree in Primary Education and pursued a Master's degree in Special Education - and became part of the Gator Nation!   

After university, Ivette joined the Peace Corps and committed to working with teachers at local schools in the Dominican Republic, improving teaching practices and helping their students be successful. Ivette then worked at an international school in Shanghai for three years. For the first two years she taught fourth grade and in her final year she taught third grade. (No, she doesn’t prefer one grade over the other!) She appreciates fourth graders and admires their independence, while witnessing third graders become self-sufficient is priceless.


Ivette is truly excited about her move to Almaty and joining the KIS team. She will be making the move with her dog, Norman, whom she rescued during her last year in China. Ivette is keen to discover Almaty and all it has to offer. Ivette will definitely be seeking out a Crossfit gym since she loves weightlifting and enjoys the constant challenges this type of training offers her. Most importantly, she looks forward to meeting her new colleagues and students!