Ingrid was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. From her first steps it was obvious that she loved to move and to be active. Naturally, at school she loved sports and was often chosen as captain of a sports team. She was a gifted ball sport player but running was, and remains, her favourite sport. Ingrid began running long before it became fashionable and she ran her first marathon in 1982.

Travel was also an important part of Ingrid’s early life as her mother often took her on trips to Europe and the Caribbean. In Europe she began to appreciate art and culture, and this lead her to study Social Anthropology and Fine Art at the University of Toronto. She chose these subjects not for the career prospects they offered but because they interested her.

Ingrid realized that she could combine her love of travel and interest in different cultures by teaching overseas. She has a master’s degree in TESOL and has taught English in Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and China. Although she is unsure exactly how she does it, Ingrid often inspires her students to make life-changing decisions such as emigrating or studying the subject they love at a university abroad.

Ingrid has taught students in almost all grades from K-12 but recently she has been teaching students in Grades 10-12. She helps her students develop their English skills and their time management skills too. She is an excellent role model as her assignments at university and her tasks at work are always finished ahead of schedule.

Ingrid still loves keeping fit and still loves to travel. She is looking forward to returning to Kazakhstan, her 97 th country, and to exploring more of the country and the region with her husband Graham.