Graham was born many years ago in Vancouver, Canada but grew up in the southeast of England, near London. At school he was good at all subjects except artand liked to learn how everything worked, from tiny atoms to the vast universe, and from French grammar to Shakespeare’s plays.

After leaving school Graham studied physics at university and, although he was interested in quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theories, he became fascinated in the physics of the Earth, or geophysics. He learned about earthquakes, plate tectonics, the Earth’s magnetic field and more. This knowledge was crucial in his firstcareer in the oil industry and Graham helped discover oil in many places around the world.

Later in life he changed careers and became a teacher. He has a master’s degree in TESOL and loves helping students to learn English, the global language. With his science background, Graham brings an analytical and logical approach to learning English. He is an expert on English grammar, and a thorough and accurate editor and proofreader.

Graham has taught in more than ten schools in Asia, and has enabled many of his students to achieve their dream of studying abroad in an English speaking country. In his free time Graham loves to travel, read, hike, and enjoy good food and wine with his wife Ingrid. At school he is known for being knowledgeable, kind, calm and very tall.