My name is GAnna Yaroshenko.

I am from Kyiv, Ukraine.

My love of art and literature defined my choice for study at the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute and in specialization in book design. I graduated as a MA of Graphic Art and Design. I was always interested in professional development and became competent in using software such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw.

In 2000 I joined an international team at the Pechersk School International.

Working at the PSI, I became competent in IB PYP, MYP and DP and used creative approach to generating art curriculum. The multicultural atmosphere stimulated my interest to experience other different cultural environments and to work overseas.

In 2008 I was awarded the PGCE certificate from the University of Sunderland.

Overseas work has expanded my understanding of students' needs and areas of interests. Recently, film making and film editing have been added to my list of media due to students' high interest in it.

Besides teaching Visual Arts, I also enjoy Interdisciplinary Projects, supervising Extended Essay and collaborating with ToK teachers.