Elena Laddran is an experienced licensed professional teacher, who has an impressive track record of successful teaching and education reform and has been teaching children of all ages for almost two decades. She worked at Miras International School in Almaty for twelve years as one of the Primary School Leadership Team with invaluable contributions as Preschool and Kindergarten Coordinator. She became EAL (English as Additional Language) teacher, homeroom leader and drama club facilitator. She taught English, Mathematics, Art, Science and Social Studies to many groups of children ages 3 to 6 with differentiated approach.  Aside from that, she became Science Moderator and Coordinator in the great institutions in the Philippines where she taught Sciences to Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and 1 st year to 4 th year High School. As a teacher, she prides herself on her ability to deliver high quality of care and education to those she teaches, where she headed many efforts to expand the curriculum, became actively involved in reviewing and revising school documents for school accreditation. She always ensures to engage the students at different competencies and mold wholesome and international-minded global citizens.

Ms. Laddran has shared her expertise to the teachers of different schools in Almaty and especially to the affiliated schools of Nazarbaev Foundation of Education. She provided workshops of “Play-Based Learning/Inquiry-Based Learning”, “Assessment in the Early Years” and more. She wrote various articles and one of which was published in the local teachers’ journal “Children in the School”. She attended several PYP national and local (online and face-to-face) workshops, trainings, conferences and seminars. With her immeasurable dedication, increasing enthusiasm and unfading love in her noble profession, she received numerous certificate of recognition and letter of appreciation for her Outstanding Professional Achievement and Contribution in the Pedagogical Industry.

Ms. Laddran has travelled to different countries in Asia, America and Europe to visit schools, inquire, discover and learn more about other cultures, traditions and education because she strongly believed that “Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel”(Jim Stovall).