Mrs. Danielle Reis  is from Brazil and she has been in Almaty for 3 years now. This is her second year at KIS and she will be our Music and Arts teacher for Early Years.

She lives with her husband Kuka and their daughter Lia.

Before joining KIS, Danielle  worked in São Paulo, Brazil, as an Early Year Teacher for over 8 years and before that she has worked as a Bilingual Teacher Assistant for 5 years.  While assisting other teachers she realized that , adding arts in her students  daily routine would help them develop , so she decided to go after her degrees and qualifications.

Mrs. Danielle received a degree in Arts Education from the Faculdade Paulistana de Artes (São Paulo ,Brazil) and holds  a certificate in teaching English language from Cambridge University, (London, England).

Outside of work,  Danielle’s favorite things to do is spend quality time with her husband and young daughter watching movies and playing board games.