Latest COVID update will follow soon!

Dear KIS community members, 

We continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation with all of our families and teachers. The health and well-being of our school community members is our top priority and we would like to continue to update you on the situation at school and in Almaty. 

You may have already heard that the cities of Almaty and Nursultan will be put on quarantine starting from midnight March 19, 2020 to stop the spread of the virus. This means restricted movement in and out of the city borders. At the moment there are no restrictions within the city limits. More information here. 

All malls, restaurants and entertainment facilities have been closed except for grocery stores and pharmacies. Many banks and government organizations are now offering their services only on-line. Please avoid all public places and continue with the hand washing hygiene and the cough/sneeze protocol. 

We have compiled a list of the stores and pharmacies offering on-line ordering and delivery of food, medicines and pet products.

On-line shopping 


www.online.ramstore.kz   www.dastarkhan24.kz   www.arbuz.kz   www.klassmag.com


• Instashop.kz - to order fruit, vegetables, meat and groceries from 6 different locations (Green bazaar, A-Store, Metro Cash&Carry, Galmart and Carefood)

MUL and a website www.mulmarket.club where you can order groceries from different shops as Small, Kazmyaso (meat), Biogorod (organic food, vegetables, etc.)


www.apteka84.kz   www.103apteka.kz   www.aptekaplus.kz   www.europharma.kz   www.biosphera.kz   www.sadykhan.kz   www.rauza-ade.kz 

All the above-mentioned websites can be Google translated into English by right button click. 

Measures in the school building 

We have been following the advice from The Kazakh Ministry of Education, The Kazakh Ministry of Health, WHO (World Health Organization) , CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and John Hopkins along with the city council of Almaty – Akimat

Sensory activated hand sanitizer dispensers have been located at the main entrances to our school building. We have also distributed hand sanitizer dispensers in all classrooms and offices. During the spring break access to the school building is offered for immediate needs: to collect student’s belongings or to make any payments. We will be following all Akimat guidelines in regards to our staff members movement and are prepared to switch our school office to remote operation until the current city movement restriction measures are changed. 

As always during the school breaks the school building, classrooms, work and study spaces, and all surfaces get a thorough cleaning. Our cleaning company is doing a complete cleaning up process of the school starting from third floor. It will include washing the floors, toilets, windows, doors and door handles with cleaning liquids and disinfectants. This will go on for next 2 weeks before they complete the whole school. 

Personal safety and health measure 

We wish all our school community members to stay well and safe. We recommend that everyone follows the up- to-date guidelines found here

All KIS students and staff are currently on our scheduled spring break until March 27, 2020. We will be updating everyone on the distance learning as we virtually return from our spring break on March 30, 2020. 

We will continue to follow the government guidelines and will provide regular updates to KIS community. 

Please stay well and safe and let us know if we can help in any way. 

Elena Maksymova, KIS Director and Primary School Principal 

  KIS counselor Alexis Reamer