Buenos días, my name is Anita Stansell and I was born in La Paz, Bolivia. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Greenville University and a Master of Education from Framingham College. I have taught internationally for over twenty years in six incredible international and International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in Guatemala, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Shanghai, Singapore and Tanzania.
I am passionate about teaching and providing opportunities for students to develop lifelong skills of open mindedness, social responsibility and empower them to reach their goals. It is always exciting to see students develop effective collaboration and communication skills while building positive interpersonal relationships and a sense of intercultural understanding.
Personally, I enjoy setting goals for myself through a range of activities, first being running followed by triathlons. As I grew up with the Andes mountain range in my backyard, I am looking forward to the vast hiking available in and around Almaty. My love for the outdoors, camping and cultures are what I am looking forward to exploring and experiencing here in Kazakhstan.