Mark Reddiar is an Information Technology Specialist who began his career by providing software solutions to institutions in South Africa. He sees the impact that his experience and advancements in technology can have on students and the school. Therefore he is passionate about fulfilling his role as an ITS at KIS.
Mark is proud to be a part of the KIS family and flourishes when supporting administrators, educators, and students accomplish more in less time using custom tools. In addition, he is incredibly proud of the many systems he had developed that have improved productivity and positively impacted people’s lives.
While he is in the process of completing his bachelor's degree in Disaster and Safety Management, Mark puts safety first by supporting KIS in becoming a safer and more vigilant institution.
Mark Reddiar has been living internationally with his wife and two children since 2016 when he left his home in South Africa after 20 years in the IT industry.  His family is his highest priority, and he enjoys the occasional jamming session on his guitar.